Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan. 22 letter

So I had quite the exciting morning this morning. We finally got snow. It snowed most of yesterday, but it was really warm and melted quite a bit. Then overnight we got a few inches, but a sheet of ice was underneath all the snow. Chris and I drove seperately to church because he had to leave early to go to another ward with his Stake Young Men's calling. So I parked the suburban and jumped out of the car (because of course we were late) Except for I had jumped out onto a sheet of ice and my feet went right out from underneath me, and my right arm caught on the driver's door and was yanked upward and my shoulder came out of its socket. So when Chris pulled up alongside to park next to me, he saw my purse had spilled all its contents and I'm sitting on the ice moaning because of the terrible pain in my shoulder. He tried to help me up, but becuase my shoulder was out of its socket, putting pressure underneath my arm was too much. So I felt like an eighty year old lady stuck on the ice because my belly is so big now, I couldn't get up because I was up against the running boards of the suburban on the left and my right arm was unusable. I could feel the ice melting a bit underneath me and wanted to stay dry, so I finally got onto my knees and then pushed up with my good arm. But because the pain was so bad in my shoulder, I felt myself starting to get lightheaded, so I leaned into Chris and bent my knees a little. Next thing I know, I am sitting in the front seat of the Acura, and Chris and Ryan Kirkham are in the car driving out of the church parking lot deciding which hospital to take me to. So, I said, "Did I just pass out?" Chris said yes, and I tried moving my right shoulder, and it was sore and tender but not out of socket anymore, So I told them I didn't think I needed to go to the hospital, because my shoulder felt much better now that it was back in place. I passed out because I was in so much pain, (Ryan Kirkham just happened to be there to stop my fall) somewhere between then and when they carried me to the car it must've gone back into place.

Anyhow, the Bowen's took the kids into Sacrament meeting with them, Arli was crying because she was so worried about me. She told her friend she thought I was going to die because her Dad died when he had to go to the hospital.

Chris and Ryan took me home and gave me a blessing. I was going to ask for a blessing anyway because I've been sick since Dec. 7th, and I still am having chest and sinus congestion that I can't seem to get rid of. So, I convinced Chris I was fine, I just needed to change into dry clothes and dry my tears, and then I could go back to church. Chris was helping in the other ward, and I was afraid nobody would remember to take Emma to the potty(otherwise she in known to have accidents. Didn't want that happening in nursery when neither Chris or I were at the church). So Chris gave me a ride back to church, My shoulder felt pretty good and I had OK range of motion, but now it is very painful with movement. I had Sam and Parker help me cut and peel the potatoes and carrots, and make the jello for dinner. They were such good sports and jumped right in and helped.

Now Chris is speaking at a fireside. It was set up by Sam's 4th grade teacher. She thought it would be good for Sam to tell a little about his experiences. So he typed up a talk and testimony and is giving it now. I wanted so much to be there to hear, but I didn't think I would be able to control Emma with my arm hurting the way it is, It has just gotten progressively worse as the night goes on. I've been icing it. I'm hoping it starts getting feeling better soon.

Sam's teacher never gave us the details about the fireside. She set this up about a year ago, initially she wanted Chris to speak in September, Then she changed the date and asked if January would work out. She told us it would probably be the 3rd Sunday in January, but never confirmed or provided details. On Wednesday, Chris just happened to be talking with someone who was planning to attend the fireside. That is when we figured out they were planning on him speaking, but he didn't know anything about it. Good thing, otherwise there would have been a whole stake full of people and no speaker!

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  1. Oh Mikkel! I am so sorry! I have been having that fear of falling in the church parking lot too, (ours is icey ice also) but Im not PG!! You poor thing, I hope you are feeling better now. I have loved your updates, when are you do? Do you know what you are having? I hope you have an UNeventful rest of your pregnacy. We think of you often, your family is beautiful! Love, Mijken