Monday, January 30, 2012

Excerpt from a letter to Michael December 4th

As far as what is happening at the Williams' household, you aren't missing out on much. Emma is still as cute as ever. At the ward party last night they were playing Instrumental Christmas music during dinner, and there was an open area right below the stage, and she put on a dance show for everyone, pretending to be a ballerina. She spends a lot of time in her own little world putting on parties for her stuffed animals, and talking with them as if she were the mother.

The kids are getting very excited for Christmas. Parker wears a Santa hat most days to and from school on the bus. Arli has wrapped everyone a Christmas gift (stuff from her room she no longer wants) and put them under the Christmas tree. She has been spending her time decorating the rest of the house with home made Christmas decorations. And lots of Christmas trees that she learned how to make from Bob Ross. She asked if we could start watching Bob Ross again on Sundays, even if you weren't here.
Sam continues to be crazy and loud, constantly trying to be funny and get laughs. I think he really misses being able to make you laugh. He knew he was REALLY funny if you laughed at his performance.

I tried skiing a few weeks ago, but hurt so much from it for the next 2 weeks I decided that pregnancy and skiing don't go together.. . .So maybe next year. I think Emma's world will be rocked when she is no longer the baby of the family, and you won't have to worry about her being babied. But I’ll make an extra effort to talk to her like an adult.

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