Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan. 19th letter

I have been really tired lately; my iron levels are still really low despite taking an iron supplement for over 5 months. That combined with being in the later stages of pregnancy makes me not wanting to do any more movement than I absolutely have to. In other words, I’m pretty lazy. So Emma gets away with a lot more than she usually does, and makes tons of messes. She is constantly changing her clothes and sometimes just takes off her clothes. She prefers as little clothing as possible. Then she will run through the house in her underwear and yell “Don’t look at me! Nobody look at me!” and if anyone is looking in her direction, she will go over to you and push your head in another direction.

She is constantly going up to complete strangers and telling them she likes something that they are wearing. She went up to a young mom at the swimming pool, tugged on her bathing suit and said “I like your polka dots”. She went up to Wendy Stein when we were at her house doing visiting teaching. She said, “I like your necklace. Do you like my pink pants?” My favorite Emma story happened this morning; she was watching cartoons while I was biking. The cartoon ended on one station, so I changed the channel trying to find another cartoon for her.

I found one, but it was in Spanish. I left it there, wondering if she would notice. She stood up on the couch with a puzzled expression, and finally said, “I can’t…. I can’t….. “ You could tell she was searching for the right words. “I can’t…. I can’t SEE it.” Then a little while later, “I can’t… I can’t HEAR it.” She kept tugging at her ears like something was wrong with them. Finally, she was so frustrated, she went over and turned off the TV.

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