Friday, March 20, 2009

biking fun


  1. Hey there! Good to hear from you. Your family is absolutely darling and it seems like you are all doing great. Glad to find you out here on the ol' Internet. It's like a great big reunion. Mary (from CH2 ward) told me she thought I knew you. I might add, she was incredibly impressed by your healthy eating. Something I believe we both aspire too............but not very well.

  2. Your blog is coming along so great!! I love checking it (even though I have been SUPER horrible and getting on and checking everyone elses'. You are correct when you say you have an amazing hubby, but just in case you didn't know, HE has a SUPER amazing WIFE!! Don't ever forget that!! You have been busy!! how are you feeling? It seems your doing well!! I'm glad to hear!! Your kids are absolutely adorable (LOVE that Arli; Emma would just love to play with her!!)... She most def. looks like you!! Love seeing your cute fam....