Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"But I don't even know who I am going to marry!"

Arli and I have some interesting conversations. They usually occur while I am putting her to bed. She is probably so talkative at this point since she is prolonging the time that the light goes out, but it is still such precious time with her. I love to hear what she comes up with.
Last night, she was concerned about the future. She asked where I was going to live when I'm a grandma and she is a mom. Then wondered where she was going to live when she is a mom. She told me that she wanted to live close to me so she would know how to get to her house. Then she said, "But I don't even know who I am going to marry." I think the concerned look on her face topped her comment. I think I allieviated her fears when I let her know that I didn't even know who I was going to marry when I was 20.
Another funny comment was when she was asking me who mine and Chris's moms and dads are. When she found out they were both grandmas and grandpas, she thought that was such a coincidence. . . That our parents just happened to be her grandparents.


  1. I love it! Her little questions and concerns just made me laugh! Indi is having the same "issues". She just doesn't know "which one to choose" (apparently, all the boys at preschool want to marry her...) And, she didn't want to be a mom (kinda hurt my feelings--thought I didn't make it look like fun to a be one), then I found out that she didn't want me to NOT be her mom anymore. Once I cleared that up she was worried because My grandmas have all died and so she doesn't want her Grammy to die when she becomes a mom and I move into the grandma! I think she is thinking about this too hard!

  2. I am sorry I didn't call you back! I got sidetracked and totally forgot and then we left. I really want to talk to you more! I loved LOTOJA. It was the funnest race I think I have ever done. Maybe it was because it was with Adam. We had a ball training together. I would definitely do it again. Would you ever do a half ironman? Want to sign up with me??? Lets talk again soon. I watched Chris's video. It was amazing. I think I told you, but some guys talked about Chris in my Dad's sacrament meeting and he didn't even know him, but he said he had made a huge impact on his life how he was able to forgive. Cool.

  3. Hey Mikkel!!! So happy I found your blog. I'll email you a permission to mine. Arli is so cute! I love the worry over where she is going to live and who she is going to marry...very important concerns as a 4 year old! -Whitney Stephens

  4. that is hilarious. she is a smart cookie. I love listening to her when she is over. Did you talk to Holly about Lotoja? Are you wanting to do more than a 4/5 person team? I think it will be a good time. Especially the van full of babies.