Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tired of Crack

After seeing way too much crack on Arli, way too many times, I decided to get some extra long shirts for her. They may have been a bit too big since she now has to wear another shirt underneath so it doesn't reveal her chest. The first time she wore this shirt, she was so excited to tell me that she would be able to wear this shirt when she was a mom, and even when she had a baby in her belly like me. So we are both into the maternity fashion look!
Why do they make all girls pants like this???


  1. ha ha! I can relate to this problem! It is tough to find pants that that actually cover the whole bum (i have the same problem on my own pants...some of those give me a plummer crack before I even bend over!) if you find the perfect "bum covering" pants, let me know!

  2. I just watched the film. (it did hyperlink me there!) What an amazing man. and I truly think you are just as amazing! Everything will work out just fine with all the bumps of being a combined family. I look at Ryan's mom (step-mom), and she had to put up with 5 rebellious kids for many years, and because she was so loving and forgiving and prayed so hard for each individual kid, all five now love and respect her. And, four of the five are good strong members of the church living good lives. As for the fifth, he doesn't stand a chance. He's got an angel mom on both sides of the veil and and amazing dad...eventually he will come back! Seriously, the gospel is so amazing! We have so much hope and comfort and guidance as parents. I don't know if you read this on my blog or not...but I LOVE the book, "arming your children with the gospel". It is SOOOO good and I feel so inspired to be a better parent and provide opportunities for my children to grow in their own testimonies!