Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soccer, dance, and picture books

So, I guess I'm totally in that mom phase where everything that you see your kids do is just the cutest thing. I love this age. So much energy and excitement. Parker counts down the days to his soccer game or practice, then on the day of, he counts down the hours. Arli received a dance costume from her cousin as a gift. She was soooo excited. I don't have any exciting stuff going on in my life, so I live vicariously through their excitement. I love it. While I am posting pictures on the blog, they want to be right on my lap, so I started a picture book for each of them. They love looking at pictures of when they were younger. I didn't know how much it would mean to them. For the first few days we did the picture books, they would carry their book around with them all day long, show everybody that came over, and even want to look at their book while they were falling asleep.


  1. So cute! Arli looks adorable in that costume!

  2. Way cute! The picture book is a great idea. That dance outfit is darling and Parker looks so excited for soccer! I have noticed as well that I personally have nothing to blog's all about the kids. Oh well, at least we have them to talk about or we'd be REALLY boring!

  3. I love the book idea! The dance costume reminded me of watching Princess Arli dance and spin on Sunday...I have thought several times since how adorable she was! I think ages four and five are my very favorite of all...they are so excited about everything and are just so cute! Here's to livin' life through our kids!