Thursday, March 31, 2011

About time!! I had so much fun going through older posts as I am convelescing after this surgery. I've regained access after forgetting my password, and look, I'm actually alive. This picture of Arli on Christmas morning is how I feel about being back in the blogging world. No, I am not serious. Perhaps it was the year of having braces and short hair that scared me from ever posting again, but hey, I don't post pictures of myself anyway. It's all about the kids, right!


  1. You looked as beautiful as always with your short hair and braces!! But it's fun to see pics of the kids too! They are growing up and adorable!

  2. WOW, the kids have all grown so much, I was just running by your blog yesterday wondering how you were and what you are up to. I am glad you posted! Keepem coming! we miss you!