Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lovin' Baby Emma

Lots has been happening at the Williams household. Mostly life is centered around Baby Emma. She is such a wonderful, sweet, mellow baby. We are loving her so much. It is especially fun to see how much Sam loves her.

Parker and Arli are in North Carolina for 10 days at Aunt Dani's lakehouse. I am enjoying the extra sleep, but I cant' wait for them to come home again.

Also, It has been asked, "where are the pictures of Chris??" He is usually behind the camera. So I'm trying to be better at me being the one behind the camera.


  1. She is beautiful! Great pix. How fun that Parker and Arli got to go to NC! Did they fly by themselves?

  2. Oh my heck!!! You have the cutest family! I am so glad I found you! How are you?